Are you ready to go DEEP to find your purpose and create a life you LOVE?

If you need to find your purpose you’ll often find yourself saying:

I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be DOING with my life!

Sound familiar? 

It’s so frustrating when you feel that there is so much MORE of you to bring to the world if you could only find the right outlet.

You know that you have untapped potential but you don’t know where to direct it.

It’s as if your outer life isn’t quite in alignment with who you really are.

That was me.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who know exactly what their calling is from an early age, trying to find your purpose can be like searching for the holy grail.

Trying to find where you belong… where what you do marries up with who you are and what you’re passionate about.

I spent 20 years trying to find out where I belonged. For a long time I felt like I was paddling aimlessly on a life-raft tied together with bits of string and gaffer tape, drifting, with no sense of direction.

When what I really wanted was a yacht.

Sleek, beautiful, smooth. Able to weather storms and take advantage of blue skies. With a wheel I could stand behind and navigate a course that I plotted and not be at the mercy of every trade wind that came my way.

Are you with me?

I wanted to feel a strong pull in the direction I was going and feel sure that my destination would suit me. And I wanted to enjoy the journey.

I got to the point where it felt like my life-raft was sinking, which was disastrous as by this time I had a child on the raft with me. That was when I DECIDED that enough was enough.

Making that decision was a catalyst.

In a lightbulb moment I realised that I had been looking for the answer in the wrong place. It wasn’t somewhere out there… it was inside of me.

After a long journey of self-discovery, lots of windswept walks and hours of journalling, I found what I was looking for.

My Life Compass.

Now I’m here to help you find yours.

If you don’t know where you’re heading, you might be moving, but you won’t feel any satisfaction because you can’t measure your progress towards what you desire.

Which is why you need a Life Compass to guide you.

Discover Your Life Compass

Discover Your Life Compass is an online coaching programme where I will take you through all the soul-searching and show you how to make sense of what comes up so you can find your purpose.

It’s a deep-dive into the nitty gritty of what makes you tick, to find the source of your sparkle.

It encourages you to really home in on your hopes and dreams and work out what they mean to you.

And if those dreams are BIG, that’s ok.

Don’t discard them because they seem so huge that you feel like you have no hope of ever achieving them… like you can’t have the life you want because the life you already have is in the way.

Discover Your Life Compass takes the context of your current life into account so you can view those dreams through a practical lens and start taking steps towards them.

The biggest hindrance to changing your life is thinking you need to do it ALL at once… cue overwhelm, closely followed by quitting and returning to the unfulfilling status quo.


I need to tell you that you don’t need to do it ALL at once, and you don’t need to have a complete plan mapped out.

You simply need to take small, do-able steps in the right direction, consistently. That way you create momentum and it is this momentum that creates lasting change.

This isn’t a career advice programme that will spit out a job description at the end of it. Discover Your Life Compass will help you nail the elements of your purpose that you need to incorporate to give your life meaning.

Your Life Compass will guide you to where you belong.

In fact, you could say that your Life Compass will guide you home.

My Life Compass guided me to create all you can find here in the pages of my online home.

I belong here.

It’s a good feeling – I’d love for you to experience it too.

If you’re serious about taking steps to find your purpose, completing the Discover Your Life Compass Programme will give you:

the relief of finally having a strong sense of direction

a bird’s eye view of your current life, what’s working and what causes frustration

clarity around why those elements make you feel frustrated

an understanding of the elements you need to incorporate into your world to feel like you’re living with purpose

a sense of excitement now you know exactly what needs to change and what to change it to

an inner sense of knowing that you can forge a life for yourself that makes you feel complete

more confidence that you’re making life decisions that are right for you

a yardstick for measuring future opportunities against

a framework for moving forward and the inspiration to start making some changes

It’s like going to the doctor. You go because you’re feeling rubbish and you’re not sure why. The doctor diagnoses you and prescribes medication. You come out already feeling a bit better because now you know what the problem is and you’ve got medication to deal with it.

The diagnosis is just the start. It’s the continued application of the medication that leads to results.

The practical details:

*  The programme is all online so you can do it at home and fit it around your busy life

*  There are 12 modules. Each is broken down into questions and prompts that you will need to think about and write answers to in a notebook or journal. 

*  The materials will be available in a membership area of this website.

*  You will have access to all the material when you sign up so you can work through it at your own pace.

*  I will be available in a private facebook group for participants where you can ask questions.

“What is my purpose?” is A Big Question.

Coming up with the answer to A Big Question requires a lot of thought.

Discover Your Life Compass is in-depth.

There’s a lot of material here which will give you insights and AHA moments galore.

Really, it’s a steal for £250!!

So if you’re committed to finding your purpose and living a life of meaning, say YES to you and YES to Discover Your Life Compass. It’s not going to stay at this price for long.

Are you ready to start your journey of discovery?

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