What I wish for you…

I wish for you a life song that you can sing from your heart.

A song whose parts are in perfect harmony.

A song whose style and tempo make you tap your feet.

A song that makes you glad to be alive.


I wish for you a whole-hearted belief in yourself.

Celebrate your individuality.

Celebrate your talents whatever they may be.

Celebrate the successes that are You-shaped not those that are defined by society.


I wish for you a life of fulfilment.

Let experiences and emotions fulfil you more than the material.

Find joy in the small things, for that is where happiness lies.

The seemingly insignificant…isn’t.


I wish for you a life free from comparison.

We are all completely unique so how can there possibly be some homogenous ideal to aspire to?

Simply strive to be the best version of You that you can be.


I wish for you a life that embraces creativity.

There is no right or wrong way to be creative, no good or bad, just expression, in whatever medium speaks to you.

Taking time for creativity gives your subconscious chance to solve your struggles.


Above all, I wish for you a life well lived.

Wring every drop of joy, love and happiness you can from it.

Forge moments of peace and solitude and take pleasure in them.

Give thanks for all you learn along the way and when skies are cloudy keep your eyes peeled for the glint of the silver lining…it is always there.

My mission is to offer simple steps to help you build a life with this Manifesto at its core.

Are you with me?

Take the first step here….

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