Are you searching for your purpose?

Do you ever feel like the way you spend your days isn’t what you’re meant to be doing?

The Purpose Seeker Explorer’s Guide asks you the 5 questions you need to answer if you want to find your purpose.

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If you’re wondering what you’re doing with your life, chances are that you’re not living a life that lights you up and makes your soul sing. It doesn’t feel fulfilling and meaningful.

Mostly, you just get on with it. Life’s not so bad, really… until maybe a milestone birthday, a break-up, a health diagnosis, a bereavement, or even a global pandemic makes you realise that life is short and you’re not getting the most out of it.

It’s not a life of purpose.

That’s all very well, but only the lucky few know what their purpose is, right?

Well, no, actually.

It’s people who have taken the time to work out exactly who they are and exactly what they want. Which are questions that are so BIG AND SCARY AND OVERWHELMING that most people run a mile because they have no idea where to even start to figure out the answers!

The Purpose Seeker Explorer’s Guide is a free printable workbook that breaks those BIG questions down into more manageable ones that are considerably less scary. Answer them, and it will give you some real insight into what makes you feel alive and encourage you to explore further.

Because that’s all it takes.

It’s not about being struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration and completely turning your life upside down. It’s about getting curious about what the solution might be and taking small steps to test the waters.

You can change your life by making one small decision.

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