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YOU deserve to SHINE!

Is your light as bright as it could be?

This is for you if you’re a woman who is stressed and frustrated

stuck in a job you hate…

stuck because you don’t know what you need…

stuck because you haven’t found your purpose…

yet you KNOW, deep down, that you’re destined for more, if only you could figure things out.

But knowing that you’re destined for more and believing that you can achieve it are two very different things.

Hi! I’m Mel.

I’m here to help you rewire your thoughts to switch on your self-belief, clarity and a deep knowing of what you need next so you can step into a life you love… and SHINE.

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If you’ve just exhaled a sigh of relief, welcome. 

Several years ago my life was lacklustre. Dull. Like I was just going through the motions, y’know? I felt like I was overlooked and nowhere near fulfilling my potential.

I really wanted to get more out of life, but I had No Clue what I needed to do to give me the sense of fulfilment I craved. Everywhere I looked for help seemed to involve making some HUGE change, which simply wasn’t possible for me as a single mum with a young child. And there was a little voice in my head telling me I should be grateful for what I’d got… (which roughly translates to, “Don’t be ridiculous, you don’t have what it takes to change things“).

So I ended up right back at square one. Numerous times. 

Time, money, energy, self-belief… all in short supply.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to “This is just the way it is, suck it up”.

But something inside me kept niggling. I knew I was destined for more. I just had to figure out what that “more” was and how to achieve it. 

And I realised, most importantly, I had to do the inner work so I believed that I could change things.

So I did.

And now I’m here to help others to do the same. 

The biggest thing keeping you stuck is not lack of time or money. It’s not your circumstances. It’s not the not knowing what you need. All of these play a part, but they’re not the main villain of the piece.

The biggest thing holding you back and keeping you stuck is that deep down you don’t BELIEVE that YOU CAN change things.

I know that’s a hard thing to hear. It makes you defensive. But if you choose to be curious and explore it you’ll make huge strides. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose by just looking into it, right?

I resisted this idea like crazy because it meant the responsibility for my situation was all mine. But accepting that responsibility felt like getting the key to a door I’d been banging on for a long time! 

Here’s the thing.

If you’ve ever thought:

It’s just the way it is

I’ll be able to do something about it when (when the kids are older, when I’ve got that promotion, when I’ve found the right partner etc etc etc)

It’s going to take something drastic to change things and that’s just not possible right now

That’s your lack of self-belief subtly making its presence felt. 

Without self-belief it can be hard to see how to shift your situation because it feels like everywhere you turn just presents another obstacle, another 100 reasons why you can’t… and another good reason to stay where you are. 

The good news is that you can work on your self-belief. Lack of it is not a done deal.

That’s where I come in.

You have a unique and valuable place in this world and you deserve a life that fulfils you. Everyone’s path to a life they love is different but your travelling companions will always be self-belief, mindset, commitment and action. 

Self-belief is the foundation. It’s like the fuel for your journey.

When you have self-belief it’s like a force field around you. Does it mean that everything comes easy? No. But it does mean that you’re not too scared to try.

It does mean that you’re prepared to get out there and search for your path.

It does mean that you’re prepared to learn the lessons from failures because that just crosses off another wrong turn and gets you closer to YOUR path.

To begin with, let’s change your perspective on those common thoughts keeping you stuck:

It’s just the way it is.

I want you to know that it’s just the way it is TODAY. With the right support you CAN change it.

I’ll be able to do something about it when… (when the kids are older, when I’ve got that promotion, when I’ve found the right partner etc)

I want you to know that tomorrow, next week, next month or next year isn’t guaranteed. When… is NOW.

And crucially…

It’s going to take something drastic to change things.

I want you to know that SMALL steps, taken consistently, add up to BIG change. And small steps are sustainable.

By choosing the right small steps you can build the lasting change you’re seeking.

I’ll show you the right small steps to guide you along that path to a life you love. A life which makes you smile and fulfils you.

OK then. If you’re going to shine the first thing you need is a power source, right? My free Power 5 consists of five things you can do TODAY to nurture your self-belief and break away from the reasons why you can’t, which is the first step to believing that you CAN create a life you love. Get it here so you can start looking forward and making plans instead of staying stuck and overwhelmed. 

You know those people who are unapologetic about who they really are, comfortable in their own skin and simply being who they are meant to be in this world in a heartfelt, compassionate way? They shine. It’s my mission to help you become one of those people.

How you shine is up to you. It might be within your family. It might be at work. It might be for your friends. It might be in your community or country. When you find your true light it might even be bright enough to illuminate the world.

I want to hear your story of how you come to be where you are, and how far where you are is from where you hoped to be. My job is to help you believe in yourself and bridge that gap in small doable steps so you can maintain momentum and make real, sustained progress.

Are you ready to switch on your light? Take the first steps with my free Power 5 today.

To find out more about how I can guide you along your path to a life you love, have a rummage in my Toolbox, or drop me a line telling me what you’re struggling with here.

Go gently, and shine brightly my friend,

Mel gave me the building blocks to change; and knowing what I needed to do has spurred me on in the right direction; and only in just a few days after attending one of the workshops. I would recommend Mel 100%.

Lou, Worcester UK

Mel tells it like it is and has been enormously helpful in making me see the pudding through the custard that’s my life.

I like her warm, non-judgemental approach and understanding when I say ‘I just can’t, ok’ because she knows that Life is sometimes, fairly often in fact, a total ball ache and you need a break.

She understands that women are Humans and not Machines designed to trudge on and on without breaking and I don’t think you find that often in people who want to coach or train you. I couldn’t cope with that!

Shirley, Malvern UK

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