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In The Power 5 I’ll guide you through a list of 5 simple things you can do TODAY to boost your self-belief and break away from the reasons why you can’t, putting you in the frame of mind to explore solutions rather than dwelling on the problems.

Turn The Power 5 into habits and they will become the foundation on which you can build a fulfilling life.

It’s like switching on the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you’re down and fed up it’s easy to get stuck in a repeating cycle of negativity. Your self-belief has done a runner and you’re feeling crap. You have no energy or motivation to change anything. So your situation stays the same and you end up beating yourself up about it which just makes you feel worse. And on it goes.

Emotionally, you’re running on empty.

Time to install new batteries with The Power 5!

I’m all about small steps which are easy to sustain so you get the long term benefit. I don’t subscribe to the idea that big change requires massive action all in one go. That doesn’t work for me, and if you’re here reading this I’m guessing that it doesn’t work for you either.

Big new habits are all very well, but big habits need a lot of energy and motivation to keep them going and if the whole reason you’re doing them is because you’re lacking in energy and motivation… it’s not going to end well is it?! Before you know it you’ll be back at square one feeling even more fed up than you did before.

With small steps you get to celebrate a small improvement in your self-belief. Then another. Then another. After a while you can look back and be really impressed with how far you’ve come and by then you’ll be looking forwards and making plans instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 

The Power 5 is like a reset button. New batteries inbound!

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