Is that little voice in your head a friend or foe?

by Sep 28, 2018Inspiration, Perspective

Dear You

That woman who doubts her worth…

I know you are held back all too often by the little voice in your head pointing out your “not-enoughness”… That little voice that homes in on your flaws and insecurities, then magnifies them. She can be really quite hurtful…

And yet… you listen.

I do too. Sometimes.

And not only do you listen… most of the time you believe her as well.

Tell me… why are you so convinced she speaks the truth? What tangible evidence does she have to back up her whispered claims?

Consider this: what if that little voice was a real person, sat across the table from you, coffee in hand.

Would you choose her as your friend?

Would you tolerate her cutting criticism?

All of a sudden, when she’s put in that context, you can see that little voice in your head for what she really is.

If you paused for a moment and thought about it, would you want to spend time with her, listen to what she has to say, give credence to her opinions?

I wouldn’t.

But we do. Every day.

We all have that little voice, chipping away at us to a greater or lesser degree. Some have more to say than others. Some are put in their place occasionally. Some are allowed to run roughshod over us. All will have held us back at one time or another.

That “inner critic” has an awful lot to answer for.

That little voice in your head is your constant companion and yet she isn’t someone most of us would want as a friend.

Friends have our back, support us, offer us encouragement, boost our confidence, lift us up when we’re feeling down.

How often does that little voice in your head do any of those things?

Isn’t it time she did?

Here’s the thing…

That little voice is YOUR responsibility.

Take issue with her when she’s standing in your way.

Tell her when she’s being unkind, unsupportive, unhelpful.

Raise a single, sarcastic, disbelieving eyebrow at her and tell her where to go. Raise a middle finger if necessary. She’s not welcome.

You ARE enough.

You have reserves of strength you might not be aware of, but they are there. We’re made that way.

You CAN do it.

Maybe not all in one go, but small steps will get you where you need to be, you’ve just got to take the first one… then keep taking them.

The words you use to talk to yourself have the biggest influence over how you handle life.

Change the words you use and watch how life improves.


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