So what’s the plan?

by Aug 15, 2018Inspiration, Making changes

You don’t plan it that way, but life ticks past at an ever-alarming rate doesn’t it?

It can leave you feeling as if it’s passing you by and you’re not achieving very much.

Here we are, half way through the six week summer holidays, and thoughts are already starting to turn towards “back to school” time.

To be fair, clothing retailers start advertising back to school uniform even before they’ve broken up for the summer… which I’ve never understood.

Kids can grow a lot in six weeks! I’ve always thought it a bit risky to buy new uniform a couple of months in advance. But I digress.

Not getting any closer to those things you wanted to do this year is frustrating. Give it just a few more weeks (if that) and the “C” word* will start creeping in to advertising, then it’s a rapid downhill race to December and POOF! There goes another year.

Feeling like you’re just not getting anywhere can be demoralising.

But let me ask you this.

What plans have you made this week to get you closer to what you wanted to achieve this year?

When I say plans, I mean do you know what actions you’re going to take this week that will result in progress, and when you’re going to take those actions?

This doesn’t need to be some kind of major military operation, simply committing to a couple of tasks on a to do list is sufficient.

I know how easy it is to have ideas and goals and intentions, then get sideswiped and overwhelmed by life and all its incessant demands, so those ideas and goals never come to fruition. Got several versions of that T-shirt!!

But I have also found that when you spend just a little bit of time creating a plan it tames the madness and you take back control.

I’m a big believer that small steps, taken consistently, will always get you where you want to go.

The key is to plan those small steps into your week, and do them.

Make a phone call. Order that part. Ask the question.

There is much pleasure and satisfaction to be found in getting to Sunday and realising that YES, this week hasn’t just slipped by in a blur, you have actually made progress towards something that is important to you.

Hold on to that feeling. Allow it to create the first bubble of momentum.

Then make plans for the week ahead.

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*The “C” word? Christmas. I felt like this needed to be typed really, really small!