If opportunity knocks…

by Aug 3, 2018Happiness, Inspiration, Pay Attention

Sometimes opportunities present themselves and we act on them immediately.

Sometimes we stop and think about the opportunity, mull it over, weigh up the pros and cons, then end up talking ourselves out of it.

Well, the other day I happened to see a Facebook post from a page I follow called Positive Outlooks, requesting stories or pieces of writing for their page and associated website.

I had a piece of writing that I’m particularly proud of, a blog post from a few months ago, called Letter To An Unfulfilled Woman (you can read it here) so I sent that off and thought no more about it. They said they get a lot of submissions so it usually takes a while for them to respond to people.

So there I was, not thinking any more about it, until a mere 5 minutes later they got back to me and said they really liked it and would publish it this week!

Now this is a Facebook page with over 7 MILLION followers, so to say I was a bit excited that they were going to publish something I’d written would be a bit of an understatement!

They published it yesterday and so far it’s been shared over 1000 times, which is WAY more exposure than anything I’ve written has ever had before.

I’m not telling you this to brag about it, I’m telling you this to demonstrate what can happen when you just go for it.

Lean up against the edges of your comfort zone, don’t analyse or second guess outcomes, and just do it.

Say yes to a spontaneous invitation, strike up a conversation with that person who just smiled at you, agree to trying out an activity that scares you just a little bit.

This is what living is all about.

Grabbing life with both hands and accepting what it has to offer.

Opportunities come in all sorts of guises.

Be aware of them and open to the possibilities.

If opportunity knocks, open the damn door!

Often, your general frame of mind influences your willingness to “just do it”. If you’re feeling a bit fed up you’re less likely to say yes to opportunities that come your way. My free ebook How to Set Up You HQ teaches you 5 simple yet effective techniques to boost your happiness levels and life your spirits so that you do feel like getting out there and grabbing life with both hands. You can get your copy here. (By the way… THIS is an opportunity! ?)