How to avoid struggling so much

by Nov 20, 2018Inspiration, Perspective

When you’re struggling with something, life is hard.

The struggle leaks into other areas of your life so it’s not just what you’re struggling with that is difficult, is it? I know… it makes everything else challenging too.

It can feel as if the whole world has got it in for you, the rainclouds follow you around no matter where you go.

Every corner you turn throws up another obstacle to negotiate and you end up crying, “Why me? Again?! Why can’t something just go RIGHT for a change?”

It’s exhausting.

But while encountering struggles may be an unavoidable part of life, getting completely swamped by them doesn’t have to be.

Whether your challenge is to do with health, relationships, money, fulfilment or something else, it’s the way you think about what you’re struggling with that has the biggest impact on how it makes you feel.

We all struggle sometimes, some of us more than others, but it’s not a competition.  Yes, your struggle may pale into insignificance compared to someone else’s, but your challenge and your feelings are equally valid.

The way you think about what you’re struggling with is what makes the difference between those that seem to have life easier and those that find it really tough.


If you’re resigned to struggling (“that’s just the way it is for me”) chances are that’s the way your life will play out.

Perception is everything.

Perception is the meaning you give to anything you encounter in your life.

The crucial thing to understand is that you are at liberty to change this meaning any time you like.

Just as two people taking part in exactly the same event can have very different experiences depending on how they view things, (check out comments on any politician’s Twitter feed for proof of this!) so you can experience your struggle differently if you choose to view things in a different way.

The meaning you assign to anything is not set in stone.

The story you attach to your struggle can be re-written.

Once you grasp this concept you open the door to a greater level of freedom.

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