More than a hug in a mug

by Feb 5, 2019Inspiration, Pay Attention, Self-Care

If you’re bogged down in life and feel as if nothing good ever happens to you, it’s hard to imagine how you can find a way to better times.
When things are crap they take over. They crowd your thoughts and the more you dwell on them the worse they seem. It’s miserable.
And February in the northern hemisphere doesn’t help.
Know what I mean?
If you do, just stop for a moment. Wrap your hands around a mug of something hot and comforting. Press pause on the thoughts that are magnifying how bad things are and the projections you’re making into the future.

Focus on the now.

This moment.

This is all there is.


The past is done. The future hasn’t happened.

Just close your eyes and enjoy that feeling of warmth from your mug. Sink into it.
Nice, huh?
This is more than a hug in a mug. This is a tiny step towards feeling better.
It may seem inconsequential, trivial even. But simply stepping out of the maelstrom of demands, pressures and worries for a little while will show you that it IS possible to find something good in your day.
You know, you can CHOOSE to experience little moments like this whenever you like. Write them down. They may be small, and the crap will still be there, but these little moments add up.

Noticing how you feel in these little moments of presence, and writing them down, will slowly but surely help to lift your spirits.

And when you do that, you’ll discover a little chink of hope.
Go gently out there. Sending you love. x

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