What is a life of fulfilment?

by May 13, 2019Fulfilment, Happiness, Inspiration

What does a life of fulfilment look like?

Well… that all depends who you ask.

The word “fulfilment” might make you catch your breath, like the name of a forgotten lover. Something you once desired, but it somehow slipped through your fingers and you lost touch… and now you have no idea how to reconnect.

Life got so busy.

Juggling, and spinning plates… doing your utmost to respond to all the demands for your attention.

Comparing yourself to others and coming up short.

But that idea… that frisson of fulfilment… makes you pause, and look up… it draws you in.

Tell me…

Are you living a life that’s You-shaped?

I know. That’s a curious question.

Let me put it another way.

Are you trying to fit yourself into a life that is shaped by expectation and obligation?

Are you governed by the way things “should” be, rather than the way you actually are?

It’s not until someone on the outside gently points it out that you consider the possibility.

It happens by stealth.

Often, you’re a willing participant, and yes, you would probably make many of the same choices again… people you care about, those who rely on you, would still get the best of you.

That’s not the issue.

What IS the issue is the spaces in between.

The relentless striving for more.

More stuff.

More likes.

More money.

More time.

What if all this More just adds to the overwhelm?

What if you’re searching for treasure using the wrong map?

What if you need to turn inwards and go deeper with what you already have instead of expanding ever further outwards?

We need to redefine More.

I want to talk about More in terms of quality not quantity. Depth of feeling, not superficiality.

It’s no wonder fulfilment is hard to come by… we’re all spread too thinly.

Fulfilment resides in the density of experiences, not the number or the frequency.

We need to improve our awareness of what is truly important to us and train our attention to concentrate fully on those experiences while they are happening.

The lens through which we view our world needs to be refocussed, bringing the here and now into sharp clarity… not allowing our gaze to wander here, there and everywhere all at the same time.

When you become more aware, you begin to uncover what fulfilment means for you. You begin to realise what you actually need rather than what society would have you think you need.

Going deeper means you’ve chosen to be more invested in yourself and your feelings.

Going deeper means you’ve chosen to reconnect with who you are at soul-level.

It’s not for the faint hearted… but the thing is, the deeper you go and the more aware you become, the better equipped you will be for navigating any stumbling blocks you might encounter.

Fulfilment isn’t just left lying around on the surface, waiting for you to trip over it. You have to search for it, with intention.

But let me ask you this…

How much do you want to feel as if your life fits you rather than you having to fit your life?

Isn’t that worth searching for?

You could feel as if your life is lighting you up rather than dulling your shine.

You could wake up with the anticipation of knowing that today has the potential to be better because of the small steps you took yesterday.

You could be flexing those wings you’ve been longing to try.

This is what I want for myself, and this is what I want for you.

Is it time you set sail on your fulfilment journey?

If it is, take my free Fulfilment Finder with you – it’s a guide to help you discover those small steps to fulfilment. You can get it here. 

Go gently my friend.