Is the Christmas pressure getting to you?

by Dec 13, 2016Easy Life, Happiness, Mothers

So how’s life in the Christmas Pressure Cooker?? Panic set in yet? With a nice side order of too many things left on the list and not enough time?

Wherever you look there are suggestions for things you should be doing, buying, eating, making, experiencing. Sod that.

It really isn’t a bad reflection on you if you don’t kowtow to the current Christmas trend. It doesn’t matter if you’re not into (or, let’s be honest, simply don’t have the time for) making your own advent calendars with charming little gifts in each lovingly crafted felt pocket.

Christmas is a pick ‘n’ mix affair – you choose the bits you like that mean something to you and put it all together in a way that works for you and your family.

There is no right way to do Christmas.

I bet you have an idea of your perfect Christmas in your mind’s eye that you’re aiming for. Am I right? Like the ones you see in magazines and on Pinterest? The Christmas you’re supposed to have?

You know how it is… in this perfect Christmas scene you’re all set, you’ve put love and thought into choosing gifts, you’ve even made some of them yourself. The Christmas cards have been written and sent well before the last posting date. Everything you ordered off the internet has arrived in plenty of time. Everything is beautifully wrapped. The tree is up and there’s a holly wreath on your front door. Your online grocery shop has been done (and you got a sensible delivery slot because you booked it in October). The guest bedroom is all cleaned and tidied and your house is full of fairy lights and sparkly things.

Except, back in the real world, you’re charging around doing the superhuman task of making sure normal family life runs like clockwork AND making sure that everything that needs to be done is done in order to have a Christmas that might, possibly, even slightly resemble the ideal scene in your head. Not to mention having to make flipping angel wings and tinsel halos! Have you got your Wonderwoman corset, hotpants and boots on?

Go on, be honest. You were going to be more organised this year. You were going to start earlier. You were going to get all your cards written in November so you could smugly pop them in the post box on 1st December. You were going to start thinking about Christmas presents in October, start buying a few to spread the cost, at least decide what you were going to buy for whom.

Yup. Me too.

But then…

Suddenly we’re hurtling towards the cliff-edge of Christmas, the holidays, New Year and the season of good will on a beat-up sleigh with no brakes and definitely no magical reindeer. Ah, yes… it’s that time of year when mums everywhere go all out to create the perfect Christmas while trying very hard not to have a nervous breakdown.


Stop for a second…and breathe.

Listen…Christmas won’t be more magical if it’s perfect.

It will be just right if it’s filled with you doing things your way and not comparing yourself to all the perfect people, places and parties in the glossy magazines and online. None of these will be liberally sprinkled with your love for your family. That’s what will make your Christmas special.

Another tip to tame the tinsel-topped tension is to meditate.

I know, I know. What now??!!! Are you kidding me? I know.

But, it will make you pause and press the reset button on your stress levels so if you can find a way to squeeze just 10 little minutes into your day I promise it will be worth it. Get the Headspace app, go and lock yourself in the bathroom with your headphones in and Take 10. If you subscribe, use one of the 3 minute SOS meditations…this is an emergency situation after all.

And the biggest, most importantest tip for surviving the run up to Christmas without having the mother of all meltdowns?

Don’t even think about trying to diet.

Just.    No.

If you want to look fabulous in that party dress… put on the dress. Put on a bit of make-up and sparkly jewellery if that’s your thing.

There you go. Job done.

You. Look. Fabulous.

This is your Christmas too…wouldn’t it be nice to make it to Christmas Day without feeling like you’ve been caught up in a stampede of Little Donkeys?

Maybe that is the perfect Christmas us mothers should be striving for.

If any of this makes any sort of sense to you, please share, Christmas pressure is a real issue and it’s spoiling what should be a happy time of year for so many mums.

And have yourself a merry little Christmas.